Save up to $2,800

Publishing waits for no season

Summer is a busy season. Between family vacations, backyard barbeques and lazy days at the pool, there isn't much time for anything else, let alone even thinking about publishing your book. Don't put your goal of becoming a published author on hold for the summer. Let the industry professionals at Archway Publishing help you publish your book.

As a supported self-publisher, Archway provides publishing essentials to make things easier for our authors. Whether you're looking for global availability through worldwide distribution or e-book formatting, we have you covered.

Sit back and relax with three publishing essentials from Archway:

  • Concierge service – Relax this summer knowing you'll have an expert available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Editorial Assessment – Put down the red pen and let an editor asses your editorial needs while you spend the day at the pool.
  • Press Release – Web-Optimized Edition – Enjoy time with your family and friends while a publicist crafts a customized press release to help your book attract media attention.

These are just a glimpse of the services available through our publishing packages. Let Archway help with your publishing needs with this special offer:

Call 1-888-242-5904 and save up to $2,800*







Save $2,800

Save $1,350

Save $500


Save $2,800

Save $1,350

Save $500


Save $2,800

Save $1,350




* Offer expires July 31, 2014, and is not valid in combination with any other promotions. Only applies to packages as listed above.

Children's authors -- Save up to $1,700


For many children, summer camp is the best part of summer. They can't wait to reunite with their friends from last summer and create new memories. Between swimming in the lake, going on hikes and sleeping in cabins, a special bond is shared among camp friends. Of all the memories at camp, telling stories while gathered around the campfire is one of the most anticipated. Whether they share their favorite book or a spooky tale, kids can't wait to exchange stories with their friends. Why shouldn't it be your story that they're sharing?

Put your book out there to be among summer camp favorites by publishing with Archway Publishing, from Simon & Schuster and operated by Author Solutions. Our children's publishing packages are tailored specifically for children's books and are equipped with services such as Elite Cover Design and Color Illustrations – Fine Detail

Plus, with our Concierge service you'll work with a single, dedicated Archway representative for the duration of the production process. With our services and the help of industry professionals, you can turn your manuscript into a professionally published children's book.

CALL 1-888-242-5904 TO SAVE UP TO $1,700*.

Save $1,700

Save $1,200

Save $500



* Offer expires July 31, 2014, and is not valid in combination with any other promotions. Only applies to packages as listed above.