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What does it take for a manuscript to become a successful novel?

Archway Publishing understands what readers look for in the marketplace. You provide the literature, and Archway Publishing supplies a combination of design, formatting and marketing services in each fiction publishing package to ensure your book has the professionalism to thrive.

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Author Support Classic Classic Concierge Concierge Concierge
ISBN Assignment Check Check Check Check
U.S. Copyright Registration Check Check Check Check
Library of Congress Control Number Check Check Check Check Check
Cover Design Standard Elite Elite Elite Elite Plus
Interior Book Design and Layout Standard Elite Elite Elite Elite
Cover Copy Review  Check  Check  Check Check Check
Editorial Assessment  Check  Check  Check Check Check
Author Learning Center 12-Month Free Subscription  Check  Check  Check Check Check
Worldwide Book Distribution  Check  Check  Check Check Check
Personalized Archway Publishing Bookstore Page  Check  Check  Check Check Check
Google and Amazon Search Programs  Check  Check  Check Check Check
Barnes & Noble See Inside the Book  Check  Check  Check Check Check
Complimentary Author Copy  Check  Check  Check Check Check
Author Volume Discounts  Check  Check  Check Check Check
Softcover B&W Publishing  Check  Check  Check Check Check
Free Paperback Copies 5 10 15 20 25
E-book Publishing Check  Check  Check Check Check
BookStubs 10 25 50 50 75
Hardcover B&W Publishing    Check   Check   Check Check
Free Hardcover Copies   5 10 10 15
Booksellers Return Program    Check  Check Check Check
Press Release - Web-Optimized Edition     Check Check Check
Bookseller Catalog      Check Check Check
Author Reception at BookExpo America     Check Check Check
Social Media Publicist       Check Check
Premium Book Promo Video         Check

Author $1,999

Designer $3,799

Bookseller $4,999

Director $8,999

Publicist $13,999


* Packages include the cost of the free books and BookStubs, but you're responsible to pay the cost of shipping and handling.