Google and Amazon Search Programs

These programs allow you to offer your readers an online preview of your book, which could increase the marketability of your story. When searching Amazon and Google, customers receive a limited preview of your title. Up to 20 percent of your title may be viewed — just enough to sample the book, as if customers were browsing in a bookstore or library.

Readers have the opportunity to navigate the preview pages through a navigation bar as well as the table of contents and enter in specific search terms located within your text.

What are the benefits of the Google and Amazon Search Programs?

  • Better discoverability and visibility. Customers are more likely to purchase your book based off of the preview they are able to view.
  • A feel for the book. This is an excellent preview experience to the customer, giving them a true sense for the book.
  • Customer experience and satisfaction. Educated through the preview, customers are satisfied on the expectation of their purchase.
    Web marketing reaches beyond the bookshelf to generate awareness, increase readership and further define your writing.

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