Concierge Service

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With Archway Publishing’s Concierge Service, you can trust your production concierge to coordinate your project through each stage of production. You will work with your production concierge from the initial submission stage to the time your book is sent to the printer.

Typically, an author will work with a different expert during each phase in the publishing process. Our Concierge Service allows for an author to work with a single, dedicated Archway Publishing representative who is an expert across all production phases, including:

  • Manuscript Submission
  • Editorial Services
  • Illustrations
  • Design and Layout Services

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With Concierge Service, you can benefit from the expert guidance and support of a single Archway Publishing representative who will grow to know your book project by heart. To learn more or to find out if Concierge Service is included in your publishing package, give us a call at 888-242-5904.

Call 1-888-242-5904 to order now!