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Depending on the publishing package you choose, you may or may not receive a certain number of hardcover books. Our hardcover books feature a durable cloth binding, an embossed spine and a full-color dust jacket. The full-color dust jacket allows us to print your author biography and a description of your book on the inside flaps, freeing up the back cover to print reviews and endorsements. Your hardcover edition will also be assigned a unique ISBN.

Additional information about hardcover books:

  • The hardcover format requires a minimum of 108 pages in the final printed format.
  • If the hardcover option does not come in your purchased package you may purchase it later as an upgrade option.
  • Our hardcover books are available only in a 6” x 9” size.
  • You can provide additional text for the interior flaps of the dust jacket, such as an excerpt of a book review or endorsement.
  • During book production you will be given the opportunity to proof both the paperback and hardcover editions of the cover and suggest changes as appropriate.
  • Note: due to the higher production costs, the retail price for hardcover books can be as much as $10 more than softcover books. The delivery time for hardcover book orders is about seven days longer than for softcover books.

Please Note: This service is available only for black-and-white books. This service is not available for packages that include color printing.

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Preserve your book for a lifetime by having it published in hardcover. Your readers will appreciate the hardcover format and you will have more room on the dust jacket to promote yourself and your book. Call 888-242-5904 for more information or to purchase this service.