E-book Publishing

Once your book is printed, we can format it as an e-book to help you reach even more readers. You’ll receive royalties on each e-book sold.

Currently, our E-book Publishing is compatible with the following devices*: Amazon Kindle, the Sony Reader, the Barnes & Noble eReader, Nook, Google Play Books, Kobo Books, Scribd.com and iBooks Store.

Please Note: 

  • We will make every reasonable effort to make the formatting of the ePub edition reflect the format of the print edition; however, some design elements are not supported in the ePub format. Archway Publishing is not responsible for making changes to the design of the ePub edition.

  • You can sign up for this service by selecting one of the publishing packages that includes it. This service is not available as an add-on to other packages or for previously published books.

* Retailers and vendors reserve the right to accept or deny content for availability on their e-bookstores and e-readers. 

* To meet submission standards, please review your manuscript thoroughly to ensure spelling accuracy and correct rendering of any diacritical mark such as tilde, caret, acute accent, or the like.  

*Books written in languages other than Spanish or English are not submitted to iBooks Store due to Apple formatting restrictions.  We are currently still trying to work with Apple to resolve this issue.


View our e-book FAQs for more information.

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Give readers the opportunity to read your book on their portable reader. Call 888-242-5904 to learn more about this service.

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