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Watch your words come to life and take your potential readers on a visual journey through your story with a Premium Book Promo Video. Archway Publishing will combine creative and informative dialog with still frames and headlines. Your video will offer a glimpse into your storyline, building anticipation to read your book.

Video can be an important promotional tool sure to capture the attention of your viewers. As a powerful contributor to your online marketing efforts, a Premium Book Promo Video includes the following to promote your book:

  • Creation of a custom-made book preview video, approximately 60 to 90 seconds in length
  • Audible storytelling through voiceover by a professional actor
  • Imagery includes complex design, such as lighting effects, 3-D space, visual effects and motion graphics
  • Distribution of your video to YouTube in order to maximize exposure and increase book sales
  • Two complimentary rounds of video revision
  • Web streaming capability and high-quality video downloads
  • Review of your video for TV and film consideration first by Thruline Entertainment 
  • Once Thruline has responded to your video, it will be reviewed to see if it would fit with Paulist Productions' Themes

You will retain all rights to your video and we will provide you with the final video file. Feel free to share your video with friends, family and include it in additional marketing materials.

Revisions: You will be able to make one round of revisions to your video at no additional cost.  Any additional rounds of revisions will cost $500 for the Premium Book Promo Video.  Acceptable changes include:

  • Simple text changes (adding or removing words)
  • Changes in font size
  • Corrections or additions to book and author information
  • Changes to audio levels
  • Image changes (if you provided your own or you feel an image is offensive)

Once your video is completed, it will be considered for TV or movie adaption first by Thruline Entertainment. Once Thruline has responded to your video, it will be reviewed to see if it would fit with Paulist Productions' themes. If your project fits their themes, we may submit it to Paulist for review.

If either Thruline or Paulist is interested in working with you, they will directly contact you to explain their plan of action to gauge your interest. 

If after reviewing your video both Thruline and Paulist decide not to engage with your concept, it will then be entered into our Hollywood Database, where registered entertainment professionals can browse and search for new material to adapt into feature films and television series.

Thruline Entertainment


About Thruline Entertainment

Thruline Entertainment is a full-service Hollywood management and production company whose talent and literary roster includes Academy Award nominated screenwriter Annie Mumolo (Bridesmaids), Emmy Award-winner Kirk Ellis (John Adams), Emmy Award-winner Barry Julien (The Colbert Report), Michael Cera (Juno, Superbad), Emmy Award nominee Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), Emmy Award-winner Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) and multiple Emmy Award-winner Allison Janney (The West Wing). Their production arm, Tagline Pictures, produces the hit USA Network series Psych. In addition to their wide reach among major studios, agencies and production companies in Hollywood, Thruline Entertainment has strong international relationships with producers and talent reps where Thruline Entertainment has optioned numerous books for scripted television and film development across the globe.

Paulist Productions

About Paulist Productions

Paulist Productions was founded over 50 years ago to provide thought provoking entertainment that explores the human condition, and has produced award-winning documentaries, feature films, television, and TV movies addressing pressing social issues and important moral questions. Paulist has created programming for Paramount, Warner Brothers, CBS, ABC, A&E, the History Channel, Hallmark Hall of Fame, and UPtv, collaborating with industry greats such as Martin Sheen, William Shatner and Tom Fontana. In a time of rapid change and declining options for family viewing, Paulist is dedicated to developing positive programming with meaningful content.

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A premium, professional video can enhance your marketing materials and add a competitive edge to your book’s presence. For further details regarding our video marketing services, please call 888-242-5904.


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