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Author Profile Video


Introduce yourself to readers with an Author Profile Video. Your video will feature filmed interviews in which you, as an author, can discuss a wide range of topics related to your work. Tell readers what inspired you to write your latest book, share your writing process, or offer unique insights into the worlds and characters you’ve created. A talented team of Archway Publishing video professionals will use your interviews, candid footage, music and graphics to create an entertaining and informative video that can pique the interest of potential book buyers.

Sample Author Profile Video

The Author Profile Video service includes:

  • A pre-production consultation with a filmmaker to discuss your creative vision for your video
  • A 90-minute, on-site filming session at a single location*
  • Creation of a 60- to 90-second, high-quality video featuring you and your work as an author
  • Professional video editing to incorporate both interview and b-roll footage from your filming session
  • Access to royalty-free music tracks in an online media library
  • Incorporation of images, graphics, logos, and/or text into your video
  • Two rounds of video revisions** — acceptable changes include:
    • Word and font size revisions to the text
    • Changes and additions to book and author details
    • Adjustments to audio levels
    • Swapping or deleting still images
  • Distribution to YouTube.
  • Archway Publishing’s Video Share Bundle service: A shortened version of your video will be created to use in a custom video advertisement. With targeted placement of your ad among top-ranked websites and 50,000 guaranteed impressions over the course of two months, this service has the potential to boost online awareness for your book and your video.

Once your video is created and distributed, you own the rights to it. We will provide you with a copy of the final video file so you can put it to use in your own book marketing efforts.

* Video shoots must be scheduled at least 15 business days in advance. If you intend to be filmed in a public place, you must be able to secure a release for the location before video can be recorded there. This service is only available to individuals within the United States and Canada.

** After these first two rounds of changes, additional revision requests will incur a fee.

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Bring readers into your life with an Author Profile Video, and convey a new angle of your book to them. Call 888-242-5904 for more information or to purchase this service.

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