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Social Media Publicist


The Social Media Publicist campaign is a six-week publicity campaign that provides you with the opportunity to work with a dedicated social media publicist who will help you understand how to take full advantage of Twitter, Facebook and other social media outreach and blogging. The social media publicist will establish your social media platform across the top social networking sites; then we help you develop and hone your social media presence over time.

“Why do I need social media to market my book?”

Being a part of the social media community is about communication, engagement, value and trust. Here are a few reasons why establishing an online presence has such great potential for boosting your bottom line:

  • Improve search engine results so that it’s easier for people to find you and your book online
  • Connect to your readers by showcasing your writing skills and personality
  • Engage in more informal conversations online with fans and potential readers
  • Learn more about your readers — their likes and dislikes
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • Inform readers about updates on events and news
  • Reach a wider audience

The Social Media Publicist campaign will help you launch your social media presence by providing the following services:

  • Personal Social Media Publicist: You will be assigned a social media publicist who will work with you throughout the six-week campaign.
  • Author Education: We will provide an overview of your campaign, explaining what you should expect and why we’re focusing on specific social media topics.
  • Identification of a Target Audience: You will collaborate to create a messaging platform for your identified target audience.
  • Development of an Editorial Calendar: Your publicist will develop an editorial calendar outlining the following: topics for blogs; Facebook and Twitter outreach goals; and additional social media websites relevant to your book’s topic, and your experience and expertise.
  • Online Copy Assistance: Once your plan of action is established, your publicist will assist in writing, editing and proofing your blog posts.
  • Weekly Guidance: You will receive weekly guidance and consultation to establish direction and leverage engagement with fans and followers using relevant dialogue.
  • Reporting: Each week you will receive reports that measure your social media presence. Your publicist will use the information to determine the effectiveness of your campaign and will tweak follow-up steps where necessary. After your six-week campaign ends, you will receive a final report outlining the social media activity for the entire campaign.

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With the Social Media Publicist campaign, you can work with a publicist and find your niche among millions of active users. To learn more or to purchase this service, contact Archway Publishing at 888-242-5904.