Booksellers Return Program


Make your book more attractive to retailers by purchasing the Bookseller Return Program. By allowing retailers to return any unsold copies of your book, it encourages them to take a risk on buying and carrying your book. In fact, some retailers even have policies against buying books that don’t have the Booksellers Return Program. Programs like this will help you take a step forward in selling your book and making it more widely available.

In addition to making retailers more likely to stock your book on their shelves, the Booksellers Return Program helps them set up book signings and speaking engagements for you, both of which require book sales. When you purchase this service, your book will be listed with Ingram, the world’s largest wholesale distributor, as returnable in their database.

The best part is there’s no need to be concerned if your book is returned by a retailer. You will still receive your book royalties when the book is first purchased.

Please Note: Depending on when you purchase this service with regard to the status of your book publishing, your book will be returnable through Ingram within two to seven weeks. It then can take about 30 to 60 days for your book’s returnable status to update within retailers’ systems, depending on each individual store.

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Give your book a leg up with retailers by purchasing our Booksellers Return Program. If your book remains unsold, retailers will be able to return it without a loss of profit for them. Call 888-242-5904 for more information or to purchase this service.

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