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Marketing Services

Pro Network Publicity Campaign


Expand your marketing reach with our Pro Network Publicity Campaign. During this 12-week campaign, your personal publicist will lay the framework for your media coverage with newspaper, magazine, Internet and select television outlets throughout the country.

How the Pro Network Publicity Campaign works:

  • You will be assigned a personal publicist who will communicate with the media on your behalf for a 12-week period
  • We will create a professionally written, Web-optimized press release that will be distributed to at least 1,000 media outlets carefully chosen based on location, your book’s genre and title, and more. Recipients could include magazines, newspapers and TV programs, and online publications
  • We will provide 12 weeks of news tracking for your press release

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Work with our talented publicity team who will approach multiple media outlets with the goal of securing maximum media exposure for your book. Give us a call at 888-242-5904 to learn more about this service.