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With the advancement in e-book technology, you now can do so much more to engage the reader and bring your story to life. Our ReadPlay App is just what your book needs to get children excited about reading and keep up with the latest trends in publishing.

ReadPlay App turns reading your book into an interactive experience through the following features:

  • Flip My Pages - We'll transform your book (1,000 words or less) into a "flip book" app for the hottest new e-readers that run on Microsoft's Windows 8 platform (if your book is more than 1,000 words, contact your Archway Publishing representative for a quote).
  • Read to Me - We'll record a professional voiceover of your entire story for your app. Readers can turn the voiceover on or off, giving them the option of listening to the recording or reading the text themselves.
  • Record Me - Readers can record themselves reading your story, and then play it back later. This feature not only allows a parent to record their voice for their child, but it serves as an interactive, fun way to help children learn to read as they practice reading your story aloud.
  • Color Me - With the click of a button, readers can turn select pages of your book into black-and-white versions they can color themselves. Readers first choose from a pallet of colors and "brush" sizes, and then use their fingers to create their own masterpiece on the page. When reading the book, readers can view the pages they have colored and saved, or switch back to the original version.
  • Share Me - Readers can tell friends and family about the book they're reading through the interactive "share" feature. While this feature enables readers to share the title of the book, it does not share the book's content.

Where Will My ReadPlay App Be Available?

Your interactive book will be available for purchase and download in the Windows 8 App Store. The Dell Latitude 10, HP Envy X2, Sony Vaio Duo 11 and Microsoft Surface are just a few of the devices on which the app is available (for a full list of tablets the app is available on, please refer to our FAQ).

Why is the ReadPlay App Good for Your Book?

E-books are growing in popularity, with an average number of 24 e-books being read a year per person, compared to only 15 books per year for printed books. In addition to reading more, readers who own e-readers are more likely to buy their own copy than to borrow it.*

Windows 8 is the latest technology advancement from Microsoft and your book can be a part of the next generation of book apps for tech-savvy readers.

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The Archway Publishing marketing team is here to help you keep up with the latest technological advancements in publishing. Contact an Archway Publishing representative at 888-242-5904 to learn more or to purchase this service. And, to help advertise your app, consider signing up for an App Launch Campaign.

*As of April, 2012, according to

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