About Archway Publishing

A New Passageway for Emerging Writers

Simon & Schuster, a company with nearly 90 years of publishing experience, has teamed up with Author Solutions, the leading self-publishing company worldwide, to create Archway Publishing. With unique resources to support books of all kind, Archway Publishing offers a specialized approach to help every author reach his or her desired audience.

Self-Publishing with Professional Guidance

For writers seeking the best that self-publishing can offer, Archway Publishing offers the highest quality design, formatting, editorial and marketing services provided by a team of specialists at Author Solutions. Simon & Schuster has provided guidelines on book design, introduced certain unique self-publishing services, designed packages tailored to meet specific author objectives and will keep an eye out for titles that perform well in the marketplace. While Simon & Schuster has provided guidance and helped develop the publishing packages and programs available through Archway Publishing, the actual services are provided by Author Solutions. Archway is dedicated to helping new and emerging talent find its own path to publication.

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