A Path to Peace

  • Also available as: Dust Jacket Hardcover, E-Book
  • Published: November 2016
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 280
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781480834040
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In 2001, I began interacting with a patient who changed the course of my life. John had been receiving communications about future events that were causing him distress. On one occasion, he entered a friend’s home and felt as if he were walking into a funeral parlor. Shortly thereafter, someone in the house passed. On another occasion he sensed that his sister would be dying soon. Five days later, after seeing a doctor and receiving a clean bill of health, she died from a stroke.
As John described these events, I was moved by his story. He was seeing me not to validate his perceptions but because of the fear and unease they were causing him. It was as if he had tapped into another dimension, one that left him feeling decidedly uncomfortable and vulnerable. As he recounted his experiences, I suddenly felt the universe come alive with light.
I was jolted awake!
I realized that if the future could be foretold, there was more to life than I had previously imagined. I began sensing the presence of a spiritual energy in the universe. It was a strangely familiar feeling—of coming home to something mysterious, captivating, alluring.
Shortly thereafter, I started encouraging my patients to share their spiritual experiences. I found that when they were struggling, they could empower themselves by discovering and embracing their spiritual truths in a setting of stillness, vulnerability, and love.
A Path to Peace encompasses many of these shared experiences. It is an opportunity for my son and me to explore and share our spiritual experiences and truths with you while inviting you to do the same. By identifying, embracing, and living our spiritual truths, we come to follow our own “path to peace” ... to lead richer more fulfilled lives.

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