I think I Love you

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I think I love you.

Most of the time I know I do.

But I can’t be sure what love is, or what it’s supposed to be…

If I asked you, “Do you know what love is?”

What would your answer be? Would you come up with one on the spot?


This is a book about love.

About what love is. Or perhaps, what it’s supposed to be.

It’s subjective, of course. And it sounds exceptionally cliché, naive even.

But it’s a tough one to figure out because we all experience love differently.

This account can show you what it might be. What it could look like. Or how it presents itself.


I can’t promise you that this story will give you answers. Maybe it can guide you. Or make you look at things a little differently.

But hopefully, this story will let you come up with an answer of your own. So that when you’re out in the world and you see things—in nature or in people—love will make you notice.


Follow this account of a lost soul. A wanderer who went out to look for answers through the lens of a camera. And in the process conceptualized—what to her seemed—at times, unreachable.

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