The Elephants of Art

An Educational Art Story
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“Line, shape, color, texture, space, value & form, the Elements of Art, are the artist’s guide to creativity, says educator and graphic artist Jo O’Mara of her first book. “Kids love to draw,” she says, “and grasping these concepts opens up a whole new level of creativity that extends beyond the world of art.” 

THE ELEPHANTS OF ART, the story of Toulouse, a tiny but talented mouse who, confused when his teacher urges him to get to know the elements of art, searches for elephants instead. Toulouse’s misunderstanding makes his journey all the more interesting as he travels through a bold, colorful world to meet Linus (the elephant of line), Starla (the elephant of shape) and Rainbow (the elephant of color). They teach him about each of these elements but, more importantly, he learns what amazing things he can achieve when he uses them together.

Targeting children ages 2 through 10, the book is the first in a series of educational art stories, and its pages hold more than Toulouse’s tale. Details in each illustration provide subtle lessons and visual reinforcement to engage children further. Additionally, the book is complemented by free downloads of drawings, coloring sheets, puzzles and even a poster at

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