It’s Like Magic, But Even Better

The Margaret Ann Series
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No matter the circumstances, Margaret Ann can find a positive side through the wonder of nature. She reveals the magic that can give anyone the positive perspective needed to meet challenges big and small.

Margaret Ann’s friend Lilac is usually happy and caring, always ready to brighten up others’ day with her sunny disposition. When Lilac arrives at Margaret Ann’s house looking down and sounding sad, Margaret Ann knows something is wrong.

When Margaret Ann goes to visit her aunt Vivienne in Canada, she meets Hector, a boy her age from South America, and they quickly become friends. Hector loves to run, but sometimes he gets discouraged. Can his new friend lift his spirits?

Joe Joe lives next door to Margaret Ann’s aunt Sissy, and he goes to the same school as she does. When two other boys begin to tease Joe Joe, Margaret Ann must find a way to help him feel better.

In these stories for children, a girl named Margaret Ann helps her friends think positive thoughts with the help of the magic of nature.

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