I Gotta Tell Grandpa

A Story and Workbook about Finding and Being Yourself
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When Sam’s teacher, Ms. Howell, asks him if he will ever grow up, he begins to wonder: Will he grow up? And if he does, what will he be? He really doesn’t know just yet, and that’s scary.

In this children’s book, one little boy considers all the things he could be when he grows up and gets to know who he is, taking a journey to his real self.

A beautifully written and illustrated book and a Quality Children’s Book Award Winner.

“I love this book! I use it at home with my kids, who read it and love the pictures. I also use it at work with my students who love it.“ Zach Bullock, LCSW assistant professor

“This is one of the best books I have ever found in assisting children and adults to understand their self identity and find and know themselves. Thank you so much !” Natalie Wright, LCSW Child and Family Therapist

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