The Little Horse Who Never Gave Up
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A mother and her young daughter always dreamt of having lots of horses around, so one day, they went shopping. They decided to buy a five-year-old horse named Finey, but when they tried to take him, his little brother, Shawtee, got upset. They had no choice but to take Shawtee, too, and keep the family together.

Shawtee was a curious little adventurer, but he wasn’t always careful. One day, he hurt his leg, and the vet said he might never walk again. The mother and daughter loved Shawtee so much, they took great care of him until one day he could stand on his own. Still, things weren’t easy for the young horse.

With love and lots of courage, Shawtee slowly—so slowly—made his way back to health. He recovered thanks to his own determination but also the love of his keepers who nursed him back to health. Although young, Shawtee learned that with hard work and faith in the people who loved him, anything was possible!

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