Oliver and the Great Acorn Theft

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The Squirrel family and their neighbors are all set for winter in Farmer Ebineezer Pickeral’s meadow. Thanks to Oliver the oak tree, they have shelter, and they’ve gathered plenty of acorns to get them through the winter. Or so they thought.

Oliver and the Great Acorn Theft, by author Donna J. Demarest, EdD, RN, tells the story of how Oliver helps the animals on Farmer Ebineezer Pickeral’s farm. His branches provide a home for animals and birds to live in harmony and with good will toward each other, and keep them cool in summer and warm in winter. The peaceful community is shattered when the acorn stash the Squirrel family has so patiently hidden away for winter is gone. They turn to Oliver for wisdom and guidance. With his help, the neighborhood works to discover the culprit--who learns an important lesson about living in a community where respect and caring for each other is expected.

Although told through the eyes of animals and a tree, the lessons learned in Oliver and the Great Acorn Theft apply to people as well. The ability to live and work with others is an important part of growing up.

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