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Have you truly taken ownership of a Christ-like life--one that is based on wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and embracing the work we are naturally created and trained to do? Although God has given us various characteristics and traits to draw from when we encounter life’s trials and tests, he still holds us accountable in this process to change our mind no matter what pressures life brings.

Imagine This … opens up our imagination to the knowledge that while are we born with everything already inside of us to survive successfully throughout today, tomorrow, and into the future, our heavenly Father’s presence is with us at all times to guide us, help us, and keep us from evil. As we begin to develop our spirit man--as God did with the tribe of Israel to illustrate how humanity is included in God’s overall plan--we can come closer to identifying the signs of our spiritual growth and maturity. We can then ultimately be encouraged to continue in spite of difficulties by supporting our own development and growth in this process of faith.

Believers are established in wholeness and completion. Once we have identified and isolated our personal insecurities and exchanged those beliefs with boldness, courage, and confidence, we will finally receive the blessings and wealth of a renewed mind--the direct result of what happens when the Holy Spirit inspires us to grow to achieve more.

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