Counting the Uncountable

Keeping Track of the Infinite
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Many students think math is boring, but that’s only because we too often teach it in boring ways.

You don’t have to worry about that problem with this book, which is filled with colorful and fun illustrations and explanations about mathematical concepts that are often overlooked in the academic world.

The book is just one in a series focusing on “The Lighter Side of Mathematics.” In it, you’ll learn concepts such as:

• What it means when something is called “an infinite set;”

• When it’s correct to say “the part is less than the whole;”

• What it means when something is “enumerable.”

The facts you’ll learn provide depth and dimension to the classical study of mathematics and will ignite your curiosity factor about numbers—no matter how old or young you are.

If you’ve always struggled to understand or enjoy math, then it’s time to boost your confidence by looking at it in new ways. It begins with Counting the Uncountable.

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