Everywhere the Soles of Your Feet Shall Tread

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Stormy Dawn asked her daughter to check on her brother in December 2009. It was going to be his last day of classes at community college until the spring term, and he hadn’t come down for breakfast.

Her daughter told her that she needed to go upstairs, as her brother—“NGH”—was not in his room. But his computer was open and there was a note on it.

Thirty minutes later, she’d discover son was dead. He had left behind several suicide notes.

Like many parents, she was left wondering why. One of his suicide notes read: Everything I have been through has turned me into a limp creature on its last breath. I tried in vain to heal these wounds. My cries for help became the twisted ravings of a madman. So I was feared as one, and that fear was the final crushing blow to my soul.

In this heartfelt account, the author explores how teachers, friends, and family members failed her son, and she also shares her other painful encounters with gun violence.

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