My Scattered Thoughts

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Thirteen-year-old poet Faryal Ahsan has spent much of her life observing the world around her, including nature and the people around her. Her views on what she sees evolve as she grows, but now, for the first time, she shares her imaginative ruminations with the world in this, her debut poetry collection.

My life is not confined to a snap story

My memories are not rated by the number of likes

I am my own person

Just the way I like

My social life is not the people who follow me

But the people who stand with me

I’m not defined by how many comments I get

on a photo

I’m here living outside a screen

At night I can see the illuminating light of the moon

In the morning I see the glowing light of the sun

Not my screen

Faryal’s poems were written as she passed through various phases of school and home life over the last few years. Her experiences and dilemmas are very similar to those of other children, and she hopes to reach her audience with her words and connect with them as a friend.

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