A Short Tale of a Long, Long Tail

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Mr. Lion has spent a good part of his life moving from jungle to jungle. He’s just looking for a place where he can be left alone. He’s sad because everyone laughs at him and makes fun of him because his tail is so long.

In fact, Mr. Lion’s tail is longer than the giraffe’s neck, the elephant’s trunk, and the rhinoceros’s horn, and it’s even longer than the snake’s whole body. In this jungle, though, the animals don’t laugh; it’s rude to laugh at someone who is different. They admire Mr. Lion’s tail, and several of the animals try to make friends with the lion. But he just wants to be left alone.

One day, tragedy strikes in the jungle. The animals call upon Mr. Lion to help them rescue a monkey who is in trouble after trying to cross a flooded river. The lion realizes he has a special talent, and his tail, though very long, is an important part of who he is.

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