Working Mama

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Early in the morning, Mommy wakes her little one to get ready for school. Mornings are always cheerful occasions around their house, and then, it’s off to work. Both Mommy and Daddy have serious jobs, striving to build their careers while supporting the family. At the end of the day, school is over and fun time begins.

Nights are spent playing with Mommy and Daddy and taking a bath before bed. Even when the child sleeps, the parents work to take care of their lovely home before relaxing together. The weekends are the best time for play, because no one has to go to work. The weekend is the time for family entertainment, whether it’s watching football or doing yoga.

Mommy and Daddy work very hard to make a beautiful life for their family. They share the workload—at the office and at home—and, because of this, their home overflows with love and laughter. Just like the song says, “She works hard for the money,” but working moms can balance work, fun, and the joy of being a parent.

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