Mr. & Mrs. E. R. Go Safety at the Zoo!

Poor Posture, Bad Chairs, & the Polar Bears!
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Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Go know just what to do to keep to keep the animals safe at the zoo. First, they teach those silly, sloppy, polar bears how to sit with perfect posture in their chairs. Then, they show the bears how to select the best seat for sitting up straight and neat. And, for some extra fun when all is done, they make a footrest and put it to the test to avoid back stress.

Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Go introduce audiences of all ages to preventative practices of ergonomics, a science discipline within the field of safety that focuses on fitting the person to the task. The Safety at the Zoo series promotes simple solutions to ergonomic risk factors using whimsical rhymes, engaging illustrations, and spirited activities to enhance learning.

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