Toothpick Legs

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Ashley Vaughn is a typical 12-year-old girl growing up in Texas in the 1990s. Her school days start by riding in the backward-facing hatchback seat of her neighbor’s station wagon, since the older kids got to pick seats first during the carpool. Ashley’s parents are loving and eccentric, and her sister spends most of her time on the phone with her boyfriend.

Ashley does her best to navigate the shenanigans of home-and-school life surrounded by family and friends. One of her more mortifying moments was when her mom recorded an educational TV program for the sixth graders to watch during class, but the VHS tape instead played a rendition of Ashley and her friends performing their own dance moves to a Spice Girls song.

Anyone who has ever reminisced about days gone by when your immediate family and best friends were in the same place to share the collective moments of adolescence can relate to these whimsical, nostalgic stories. Grab your Rollerblades, slap bracelets and Hypercolor shirts and relive awkward school dances and sugar-infused slumber parties. Welcome back to 1995.

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