The Tangled Web
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When Intelligence reports reveal that enemies of the United States have obtained a meteor with metals that might revolutionize the aerospace industry, General Montgomery Upton is tasked with building an elite special operations unit, codename: Banshee, to confront the mysterious organization and seize the meteor for the United States.

However, as an elite military Special Ops team, who do you trust when everyone you thought you could depend on proves untrustworthy. Exposed to an alien Symbiote and fighting for their lives, Banshee team must battle not only their known enemies but their unknown as well, all the while contending with a strange, other worldly creature that now lives inside them. Who is the Scepter organization that seems to be somehow mixed up in all this? How did such a strange meteor become involved in such life changing events? Who is the formidable Red Devil that hunts them with a murderous passion all his own? It’s continuous twists and turns as the team is plunged into a world of espionage and deceit that takes all their training and determination just to stay alive.

Join the Banshee team members as they proceed ever deeper into the realm of the unknown and take us on an adventure the likes of which we have seldom read!

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