Dying to Live or Livin to Die

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On the edge of the Mexican border, Dominic, Texas, is a place of poverty, crime, and drugs. People on the outside call it “Drugland,” since cartels control the whole town with enough power to keep everyone and everything under their fingers. Zee was only twelve when he got involved with the drug trade, just a kid struggling to survive.

As he grows up, Zee witnesses the way good men are devoured and destroyed in his hometown. To do what’s necessary for his own family, Zee will walk a path of blood and violence. He wants to get the people he loves away from Drugland. He refuses to end up like many of the boys he grew up with who became victims to the city’s clutches.

But even as a college student, Zee isn’t sure who he is or where he stands on the line of good and evil. Is he a good guy, corrupted by his environment, doing what it takes to survive? Or is he a bad guy who’s finally learned to thrive in a land of crime and hardship? Only time will tell if Zee will become a casualty or walk out of Drugland its king.

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