The DNR Trilogy

Volume 1: Backing the Wrong Primate
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D. Brewster was the youngest member of his medical school class and one of the few accepted into the dual-training MD/PhD program. Sadly, his promising career went permanently off the rails when he became a lightning rod for a series of tragic and dehumanizing events which caused Brewster to spiral downward into an ever-deepening quagmire of moral decay that also enveloped everyone around him. Years later when Brewster finally becomes the last man standing in a previously orchestrated act of vigilante justice, he reflects on whether or not what he had done was truly a righteous and justifiable act. That judgment would have to be surrendered for others to decide as Brewster is compelled to take up pen and paper to record in shocking detail the evil darkness that overwhelmed him and his colleagues so many years ago. This is the first novel in the DNR Trilogy.

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