SuperWomen Do IT Less…Or a Helluva Lot Better!

A Millennium Guide to Having It All: Children, a Career, and a Loving Relationship
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Superwomen are around us every day. They are strong, willing, and able to achieve goals and do whatever is necessary to take care of themselves and their families. Still, superwomen often face seemingly insurmountable challenges. Rose Marie’s words are especially relevant now. “Sexual harassment is not a privilege given to men in business or anywhere else. Do not believe you are alone. Speak out. Be brave. No job is worth hiding it.”


Rose Marie Ray, who has been mentoring other superwomen for years, shares an upbeat guidebook that leads women to both survive and thrive beyond the tough choices they must make while juggling family, careers, and personal needs. Through uplifting personal stories that detail how she overcame her own trials and tribulations that included discrimination and sexual harassment and took brave leaps of faith, Ray provides inspiration to all women that they can do the same by setting expectations and goals, building self-confidence, and recognizing pitfalls before they occur. Included are references, reviews, and quotes that address specific challenges women face.


SuperWomen Do IT Less… Or a Helluva Lot Better! shares time-tested guidance and positive reinforcement for women of all ages striving to be the best they can in both their professional and personal lives.


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