Finding a Song

A Little Life Lesson
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Monica is a mockingbird. She lives in her tall tree in a quiet yard in a small neighborhood. Mockingbirds are supposed to sing the songs of other birds. They’re copycats, so Monica sings the songs of the robin, turtledove, skylark, and more. Imagine her surprise when all the birds in the neighborhood get mad at her for stealing their songs! She vows never to sing again.


Without singing, Monica feels very sad. Her doctor makes a suggestion: it’s time for Monica to take a trip and find her song. She travels to the beach and forest and meets all kinds of birds she’s never met before. No matter how hard she tries, though, she can’t find her song. She’s just borrowing other birds’ music, but then, she hears something miraculous.


A group of humans sing a special song about a Father in Heaven called God. He loves everyone, even the birds in the sky. Monica is honored that such a God loves her. When she returns home, she does indeed have a brand new tune to sing—one that praises her loving Father. Even the other birds bow their heads in respect. Monica the Mockingbird has found her song at last!

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