The Churel

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On the edge of the Cynthia Forest,

a 300-year-old evil has awoken...

A Churel, or Chudail, is a menacing female ghost or witch out of South Asian Folkore. She appears as a hideous creature, but has the ability to shape-shift into a beautiful young female. Often, her feet are backwards. A Churel is born when this female dies during childbirth.

The Churel is the story of the young Jameson Family, who purchase a Victorian fixer-upper on a sizable piece of land in New Haven—a charming town located in Central Pennsylvania. Their land, which resides to the edge of the Cynthia Forest, carries a story of its own. Previously, the Village of New Haven, 300-years-ago, a witch was killed during childbirth where their house now stands. Now, she’s awoken, and is hell bent on revenge.

As the family settles into their new home, the stress of the move slowly diminishing, George takes on somewhat of a possession of his own. Things begin happening to the family, which everyone sees but him. All of this saunters toward a terrifying climax which you won’t see coming, and sets the tone for an ending that will stay with you for a very long time.

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