Sole Warrior Series Book 1
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As an African American, Staff Sergeant William Carver defies racial boundaries to gain entrance into the elite counter-terrorist unit, Delta Force. Thrown into the Iraq War, the hunt for Saddam Hussein is full throttle, and Will has made it his personal goal to capture or kill the notorious leader. He works hard to beat the odds and become top of his team.

But his single-minded focus is complicated when he meets a beautiful bartender and starts a whirlwind affair. Torn between two worlds, Will must choose love or country. Despite intense feelings and Will’s dedication to the people he cares for, he eventually abandons the woman he loves for his military career, and so his path is set.

Thanks to his elite training, Will soon uncovers a plot by the Russians to extricate Hussein from his hometown of Ad Dwar. With his quarry almost in his grasp, Will can’t help but look back and wonder about the woman he left behind. He must make the hardest decision of his life. Can he find a way to place an equal balance on love and country, or will he fail and lose it all?

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