The Grand Day

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Each day is an amazing gift because something grand might happen, even when you’re not expecting it. If it’s raining, why not put on your raincoat and stomp in some pretty puddles? If it’s sunny, why not go to the beach and soak up the sun? There are gardens nearby, too, where you might hear the birds singing or listen to the buzz of bees.

Some days, we might not feel like adventuring. Maybe we want to stay inside and read a book. Still, grand things can happen anytime. In this life, every day is a gift to be treasured—even when we sometimes have to do things we don’t want like cleaning our rooms or helping with the laundry. It’s a gift just to be alive!

Author Corrinne O’Neill shares her own love of life in this playful children’s book, intended to inspire kids to make the most of every moment and find beauty in all things. It’s no good to live in the past or the future; all we have is the present. This day is a grand day because it’s here and it belongs to you. Make the best of the gift you’ve been given and live!

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