Little Darla’s Adventure

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Little Darla and her family lived in a city surrounded by water. But they didn’t live close enough to get there quickly. Darla loved the beach; it was in her heart and soul to be near the water. On the weekends, her parents drove her to the sea.

While riding her boogie board, Darla encountered an eight-foot wave that tossed her into the ocean. She made her way back to her board, but she was far from the beach where her parents stood watching. She thought she was alone until she discovered Caloo, a black and white giant and brave whale. He carried her to his favorite places, islands with lush tropical plants and trees of all colors. Caloo took good care of Darla and returned her to her parents at the end of their adventure.

Little Darla’s Adventure, an imaginative picture book for children, shares one little girl’s exciting escapades in the great, big ocean.

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