Rowing with One Oar

Lessons in Delivering Greater Value While Remaining Competitive
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Budgets keep going down, competition keeps going up, and companies want employees to do more with less.

The big question is whether or not this is possible.

Rowing with One Oar tells the story of a boss who asks an employee to row to a series of islands in a rowboat with only one oar.

When the employee protests, the boss responds, “That’s the latest and greatest oar! It’s the newest technology! Lighter, larger surface area, and three times as fast as the old ones. And it requires only half the effort.”

The boss doesn’t think it matters that the rowboat is designed for two oars—he insists that his employee should be able to get to his destination 50 percent faster with the same effort.

The story reveals insights that revolve around common sense, cost cutting, and process management—and it is sure to be a valuable addition to any successful manager’s library.

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