A Case for Unicorns

A Faerie Story
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Unicorns exist only in books, on television, and in movies. But what if they were real? And what if we could help them return to earth?


In author Susan E. Lane’s book, A Case for Unicorns: A Faerie Story, what starts as an ordinary day turns into much more when a leprechaun is found in a backyard. He wants to ask God to bring back the unicorns, which were lost during the great flood of Noah’s time, and needs their help. He and the four unsuspecting humans embark on the dangerous road to heaven to bring their case before God for a return of these mystical creatures.


A Case for Unicorns: A Faerie Story combines popular characteristics of fairy tales with elements of Christianity. Young children will enjoy it as a fairy tale as well as a reminder of Noah and the ark.

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