Is Heaven a Place?

Making Sense of Biblical Stories in the Twenty-First Century
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Technological advances evolve at an astonishing rate, and this new appreciation of science is forcing many to abandon faith values entirely. Social media distributes a wide array of information, including secular ideals that have limited or no validity. Traditional faith values are being lost because they are perceived as having no valid application in today’s society.


In Is Heaven a Place?, author Dr. Richard B. Fratianne offers a new look into selected passages of the Bible to help Christians of all faiths gain a deeper insight into the modern application of the words and actions of Jesus and the prophets. By viewing Biblical stories and events as metaphors, he shows how to live faith values effectively in this emerging, technology driven, and progressively unethical society.


Taking a more meaningful look at the Bible, Is Heaven a Place? re-energizes Christians, especially young adults, in their faith practice and enhances the spiritual energy of their lives. Fratianne presents modern applications to scriptures meant to stimulate thought, reflection, and prayer by all religious leaders and lay people.

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