The Calamity of Israel’s First Crown
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MICHAL—She was supposed to be the official tie that bound Israel’s greatest warrior to its first king. But as no one can escape a clash of survival that pits the towering figures of her father, King Saul, against her husband, David, it is Michal who must come to grips with the fatal threat to her and her family as their nation edges toward civil war.

DAVID—As a keeper of sheep and slayer of Goliath, David was always at his happiest when serving the God he loved. He wins monumental battles to become Israel’s most celebrated military hero, but struggles with losing those who matter most to him in order to fulfill his destiny. Despair and emptiness are answered with God’s power to become one of the most famous Old Testament stories of all times.

SAUL—He had been given the historic highest honor as the Lord’s own selection to become the first king to lead the godly nation of Israel. King Saul was determined to bring Israel even greater glory while immortalizing his own name. But as self-preservation overcomes his judgment, Saul’s story becomes “Condemnation”—where deepening ego can only invite increasing torment from the God he had dedicated his life to serving.

Condemnation: The Calamity of Israel’s First Crown speaks to the world of today, one of political corruption, strange alliances, wars, passion, and betrayal—all of which are attached to the tremendous spiritual forces of good and evil. This epic Old Testament story prefigures biblical stories that were to follow while it mirrors the challenges of our present day.

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