Holistic Super Healthy Lifestyle

The Synergized, Authentic 3-D Model of Mind-Brain, Body, and Spirit
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In Holistic Super Healthy Lifestyle, author Dr. Digpal Chauhan aims to enable all to achieve and improve upon the five objectives of whole health—wellness, happiness, optimal health that is thriving, longevity with a high quality of life, and flourishing economic success.

Chauhan leverages the whole model of mind, brain, body, and spirit, sharing tips for how to apply the latest scientific research with holistic knowledge. He discusses an array of topics, including:

· the holistic model and eight pillars of integrated excellence;

· biologic inner engineering of mind-brain, body, and spirit and hardwiring a super healthy lifestyle;

· how to strive for evidence-based nutritional excellence;

· a personalized Asian food pyramid and quest for Asian gold;

· virtues of a healthy and mighty microbiome;

· heart disease, obesity, and cancer prevention life skills;

· sixteen golden nuggets of longevity;

· brain champion foods;

· twenty-four practices to nourish the soul;

· ten gateways to cultivate Buddha’s wisdom, spirit, and equanimous brain;

· and much more.

Holistic Super Healthy Lifestyle presents an honest, succinct, scientific, insightful, and authentic attempt to expand humans’ health wisdom horizons. It imparts important information about whole health and empowers all to enhance their total health to a new height and new worldview.

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