Terror at the Cathedral

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  • Published: January 2018
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 160
  • Size: 5x8
  • ISBN: 9781480858190
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Hurling seven workmen to their deaths, a massive bomb blows off the facade of the eight hundred-year-old Cathedral of Reims, France’s most revered monument to its national and Christian traditions. Public opinion blames radical Islamists, and hysterical mobs attack Muslims in streets, stores, and mosques.

Fear of civil war brings President Emmanuel Macron and even Pope Francis to the scene to plead for peace.

Commissaire Denise Caron, though losing a loved one in the blast and under pitiless media fire, leads a daring, sophisticated investigation. Its astonishing conclusion cuts to the core of France itself and offers lessons to a Europe facing ultranationalist tensions.

Caron’s lover, Mario, an opera conductor, comforts her all the way from despair to doubt and finally to stunning success.

“A bracing pursuit of terrorists with French police to a surprising conclusion right out of today’s headlines . . . enlivened with politics, eroticism, and champagne . . . a great read . . . best with a flute of Roederer Cristal” (Russell Mills, editor, publisher, and newspaper executive).

“A fast-paced thriller you will want to read without interruption. Here, fiction is a twin sister of reality. Smart, seductive Commissaire Denise Caron uses high-tech, brazenness, and inspired hunches to catch fiendish terrorists. Un récit mené à un train d’enfer. Bravo!” (Georges Tsaï, Fondation Chirac, Paris, former assistant deputy minister of immigration, Canada).

“This mysterious sequel zooms in on challenges inherent in intercommunal tensions in France and elsewhere. What a twist! What a thriller!” (Dr. Ratna Ray).

“A frightening picture of the chaotic violence that may engulf France—and other European countries—if narrow nationalisms continue to fight ‘the other’ in a fast-growing and changing world. Supercop Denise Caron tackles the problem with style” (Paddy Sherman, editor and publisher).

“This fascinating book tackles a major contemporary challenge—hate and violence that maim and kill innocents by the thousands” (Mohammed Azhar Ali Khan, CM, OOnt).

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