Mindful Mamas and Papas

A Mindful Living Playbook for the Whole Family
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Frustrated that most parenting books didn’t speak to modern-day mindful parents—especially dads—the author and her husband worked on a parenting guide for mamas and papas.

This interactive guide to mindful living includes tips, tricks, and tasty recipes. It’s real, raw, accessible, research-based, and it’s ready to be implemented now.

Flip to any page and you’ll find anything from essential oil blends for breathing exercises, mindful meal prep tips, family meditation scripts, smoothie bowl recipes, and more. The author demonstrates that parents can mindfully respond more and mindlessly react less to each other and to their children.

Creating moments of stillness to reflect on parenting can be a challenge, but it can also be hugely rewarding. Mindful parenting is not about somehow becoming the perfect parent; it’s about being present in your parenting, with all its imperfections.

Whether you’re a mama or a papa, you’ll appreciate the useful methods and achievable steps that will help you bring mindfulness into your life and the lives of your children with this parenting playbook.

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