Smokey and Clover the Runaway Goat

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You probably like to have adventures, don’t you? Most of us do. But sometimes they are a bit more adventure than we are expected.

In her book Smokey and Clover the Runaway Goat, author Renée Filippucci-Kotz introduces you to Smokey, the friendliest Chow Chow ever. One day his person, Olivia, walks into the backyard with an animal Smokey has never seen before. On this sunny day, Smokey met Clover, a two-month-old little goat. Little did Smokey know Clover would set off on her own adventure.

Clover doesn’t listen to Smokey when he tells her not to leave the yard. Discover how Smokey has to rescue Clover when she gets herself into trouble. Smokey and Clover the Runaway Goat is a fun and entertaining story. It will quickly become a favorite.

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