Who in Your World Are You?

An Introduction to Characterology
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Characterology, the study of who we are, will help you evaluate interpersonal relationships and make sensible decisions to manage and improve them.

To make such strides, you must seek to understand character, which is a scalpel that cuts to the core of all animal interaction.

In this analysis, the author (who wrote this book to save his marriage) identifies two character types: Bush and Gentle. They react with other human components to determine how we interact.

The Gentle character seeks to glean value from the most negative of situations and feels bound to give an honest effort to improve the whole. In the industrial setting, the Gentle worker does the lion’s share of the work, while the Bush person gets the praise and promotions.

This isn't to say that one is good and the other bad, but they are two different things, each having different attributes. To get along, they must understand each other.

Take important steps to improving relationships by understanding yourself and others with the insights in this book.

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