Port Bliss

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Six months after her husband dies at sea, Brandy Rogers unexpectedly requests to join the crew of the Sea Quest ~ the same vessel that led her husband to his watery grave... With NO body nor any trace of him, Brandy seeks some sort of closure and relief from the pain of losing the love of her life. Mysteriously drawn to the docks, she convinces Captain Bill to let her join the crew as galley cook. But, what Brandy does not know is that this decision just sealed her fate.

Captain Bill is betting it all on this one trip to save his boat and livelihood. But, when he decides to change course for the shrimping trip, the Sea Quest comes face to face with Hurricane Faye... A decade later, aging old salt Cappy Dupree has lots of stories to tell about the past that include Dave Rogers' demise and the fateful journey of the Sea Quest just six months later. ~ Whilst Cappy reveals his tales to Pastor Jackson Montgomery, shocking truths are unveiled about the lives of several men and one woman as they learn to trust God and embrace His blessings.

In this captivating novel, a group of characters, both on water and land, search for answers within a sea that holds her secrets deep within her soul.

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