Leo’s Search for a New Home

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Leo, the sea turtle, is born in Brazil near Rio. It’s a tough shuffle from his egg to the ocean, but he makes it there eventually. The little guy finds friends right away, first with a wise eagle ray named Sunny Ray. Sunny Ray warns him of a big danger: trash! Bags can look like food and discarded nets are hard to see. Leo has to be careful. He swims on and meets three eels that are afraid of the big, stinky shadow above. It’s a huge garbage patch. A swordfish named Blade tells them about a clean reef where there is no trash. Leo rushes in search of his new home. He gets tangled in a fishing line along the way, but he’s lucky. He makes it to shore and finds kind humans cleaning the beach. They help cut his flipper free. Not all animals are so lucky. Human trash can make sea creatures sick, so it’s important for all of us to take care of our oceans and be careful what we throw away. The ocean is a magical place, and we don’t want it destroyed!

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