But … I Wanted a Frog!

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Have you ever really, really wanted something but didn’t get it? Of course. It happens to us all. And it’s all right to be disappointed. But what if your feelings are much stronger than that?

That’s what Ally faces in But … I Wanted a Frog! When she doesn’t get what she wants and expects, Ally has lots of strong emotions. Not all of them are helpful. But she is able to use some tools from Adelio’s toolbox to return to a calmer, more regulated place. Grandma learns how to use the power of connection and listening to help her through it. In the end, Ally is more open to embracing the big change that comes with being a big sister.

But … I Wanted a Frog is an engaging interactive social story that introduces tools and strategies parents and children can use to navigate social communication. They will build an emotional vocabulary and learn to recognize the body’s responses to emotional states. And, feelings that can be named, can be tamed.

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