What on Earth Are You?

In Heaven’s Name
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Freud postulated generalities about the make-up of a person.

In What on Earth are You, author Richard Palmquist attempts to go one layer deeper, sorting out the aspects of personality relating to God and to society.

Most people only partly understand what “makes you tick.” Even the most well-known psychological experts seem to hesitate to suggest how the unseen parts of a person fit together. Palmquist shows how defining the inner workings of your relationships with God and your friends can help your quality of life to become a melodious, joyful, fun experience. He asks you to answer a host of questions:

· How do you define your character?

· Does your willful mental emotion control your conscious, memory-fueled ego?

· Are you soul-centered?

· Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to fill and to control your spirit?

· Does your spirit, your memory-driven, conscious ego, rule over your willful mind and emotion?

What on Earth Are You? offers an engaging religious and philosophical commentary that asks you to seek God and his promise of salvation and eternity while discovering your purpose and destiny in faith.

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